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A expansive region on the Colorado Plateau that is still used to this day for ranching. Many of the amazing geological features that have made this region popular with adventurers from around the world today, can be attributed to these early hard working pioneers of the desert.
'2nd Wave Sunset' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Beginnings' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Crown Jewel' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Brain Swirl' ~ Vermilion Cliffs WIlderness'Swirl Cone' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Castles & Buttes' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Chocolate Swirl Landscape' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Chocolate Swirl' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Sunset Spires' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Cloud Portal' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Desert Storm' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Grosvenor Arch' ~ Grand Staircase Monument'Growing in Layers' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Inside the Sand Room' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Light Wave' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'Lollipop Sunset' ~ Vermilion Cliffs'Morning at White Pocket' ~ Vermillion Cliffs Monument'Morning at White Pocket' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'No Man's Land' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness'North Area Buttes' ~ Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness

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